The more you use our ecological bag, the more you protect life!

Get the bag with endless Value
Take care of the environment, while shopping in Carrefour.
Buy reusable shopping bags  and in case of damage, replace with a new one any time.
Ecological bags
Mankind already done a lot of damage to the environment but if we act now, we
can prevent more damage from being done.

That's why carrefour is giving its customers the chance to be part of protecting
the environment and saving the world, so do your part in reforming this by
picking up a re-usable shopping bag at the cashiers that comes with our promise
of a better environment.

We wanted to decrease the use of plastic bags to try and take care of the environment.  From the 10th of April, we set the prices for the plastic bags and they aren’t free of charge anymore.

  1. Instead of paying 0.05 or 0,10 GEL for a single use  plastic bag, we offer you to use any reusable bag and get 0,10 GEL discount.
  2. If Carrefour’s reusable bag will be damaged, you can replace it with new one just for free.
    Honor the nature with Carrefour