Welcome to the My Club, this is Carrefour loyalty program created for our loyal customers to give them additional benefit while shopping in our stores.
To become a member of my club you need to register in “Carrefour Georgia” application available on Play store and APP store, register in APP and start using the MyClub barcode at the cash counter while each shopping in Carrefour, or get the MyClub card at the Carrefour stores. 
On MyClub account you will collect: 1 Point for 1 GEL spent in MyClub promo categories. 
100 Points = 10 GEL
*100 point is the minimum amount of points to start redemption
Collect More, Save More!

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Carrefour My Club, Georgia:  Terms and Conditions
Carrefour Majid Al Futtaim 
Loyalty Program Terms and Conditions
Article 1. Subject
Carrefour "MyClub" is an loyalty program managed by "Majid Al Futtaim Hypermarkets Georgia" LLC, identification number 404923749, incorporated in accordance with Georgian Laws, with the factual address: 8a Navtlugi Street, Tbilisi 0113, Georgia. 
Carrefour "MyClub" Loyalty program applies to all Carrefour hypermarkets and supermarkets located in Georgia. 
These conditions relate to Carrefour "MyClub" membership program, earning of points, redemption and other terms.  
Article 2. Acknowledgement of terms and conditions 
The use of Carrefour "MyClub" loyalty card (including the use of physical and electronic "MyClub" card) means full acceptance of these conditions.
Article 3. Membership
Carrefour "MyClub" loyalty card is free and can be obtained by the individual at any Carrefour hypermarket and supermarket, at customer service desk in Georgia or download via a mobile application; 
A person must have full legal capacity under the applicable Georgian legislation and must have the right to enter into legally binding agreements (18 years of age and over). 
The number of each loyalty accounts per household is strictly outlined. For each person are issued three physical cards with the same account number or an electronic card through Carrefour's mobile application. 
In order for a person to join Carrefour's "MyClub" loyalty program, the subscriber must obtain a physical card at Carrefour's hypermarkets and supermarkets and register on Carrefour's website - or register with the "MyClub's" mobile application. 
The Carrefour loyalty card may not be duplicated and/or used for any purpose other than the purposes set forth in these conditions. The loyalty card may not be transferred to or used by any other person for any reason other than its subscriber and his/her family members. 
Article 4. Generating Points
Carrefour's "MyClub" loyalty card (both physical and electronic) allows its owner to generate the points:
•    When purchasing products from promotion categories, 1 point will be earned for every 1 GEL spent. 
Cardholders cannot earn points when purchasing the following products: tobacco products, Carrefour gift cards and Georgian National Lotto tickets.

Article 5. Redemption  
Provided that the loyalty card account is registered, when the cardholder accumulates 100 points, the cardholder can exchange 100 points for products worth GEL 10 or continue accumulating the desired number of points. 
The owner can use the accumulated points only in Carrefour hypermarkets and supermarkets located on the territory of Georgia. "MyClub" cards issued in other countries cannot be used in Georgian hypermarkets and supermarkets. 
In case there is a technical problem with generating the points, they will be automatically added to "MyClub" card account on the following day. The cardholder can also contact the customer service desk in the store to locally correct the number of accumulated points (in case the customer has with him/her a receipt of the products purchased).
Accumulated points may not be exchanged for cash. Further, no change is returned for the accumulated points. 
Article 6. Information on the loyalty program account
The cardholder can view information about his/her "MyClub" account at: 
-    the customer service desk.
-    on each receipt: information on the previous and new balance of points, generated points.

After the subscriber has been registered through a mobile application or website, the cardholder can view the information: 
-    in his/her personal loyalty program space -  about the balance of accumulated points, his/her personal data transmitted during registration. 
-    in Carrefour "MyClub" mobile application: about the balance of accumulated points, his/her personal data transmitted during registration.
The cardholder may change his/her personal data at any time in the following manner: 
-    in the customer service desk or in his/her own personal space at, or in Carrefour "MyClub" mobile application.
Article 7. Claim and return of goods
If the cardholder participating in the loyalty program misses some loyalty points for the particular expense, the cardholder has two business days to formulate a claim addressing the customer service desk of a particular store. 
When making a claim, the cardholder shall also provide respective payment receipt.
If the item sold is returned, the points earned by purchasing this item will be deducted from the loyalty card account.
If the item is purchased with the points accumulated in the "MyClub" account, the number of points spent on the purchase of the item will be returned to the "MyClub" account if such item is returned.
If there is no sufficient number of points on the loyalty card account when returning an item, the number of points on the card is deducted in full, and the remaining part of the points will be deducted from the refundable amount by appropriate calculation. 
Article 8. Loss, theft, damage
The cardholder shall be responsible for the loss, theft or damage of his/her own loyalty cards and shall immediately notify the store of such occurrence.
If the loyalty card is lost, the old loyalty account will be completely cancelled. The cardholder may request a new loyalty account and handover of new loyalty cards. 
"Majid Al Futtaim Hypermarkets Georgia" LLC disclaims all responsibility during the period from the moment of any loss, theft or damage of the card till the moment of declaration of such loss, theft or damage. 
If the customer forgets the password of the "MyClub" program, it will be reset via the email registered within the system, both on the official website and in the mobile application.
Article 9. Confiscation
Carrefour "MyClub" loyalty card is the property of "Majid Al Futtaim Hypermarkets Georgia" LLC and it may be immediately suspended or cancelled at any time by the exclusive discretion of "Majid Al Futtaim Hypermarket Georgia" LLC, if the cardholder:  
•    breaches these conditions;
•    commits fraud;
•    provides "Majid Al Futtaim Hypermarkets Georgia" LLC with false and incorrect information; 
In such case, the cardholder will lose all received benefits and the right to use it.
If the Carrefour "MyClub" card is not used continuously for 12 months, "Majid Al Futtaim Hypermarkets Georgia" LLC will cancel the loyalty account and the cardholder will lose all received benefits and will no longer be able to use the loyalty card. 
If the cardholder wishes to cancel Carrefour "MyClub" account, he/she may return the cards to the store by written notice indicating his/her request, name and surname, number of the loyalty card account and signature.
Article 10. Liability
 "Majid Al Futtaim Hypermarkets Georgia" LLC is exempt from any liability for direct or indirect consequences related to technical malfunctioning; nevertheless, it will do its best to maintain the benefits received by all card holders.
 "Majid Al Futtaim Hypermarkets Georgia" LLC is exempt from any liability for any direct or indirect consequences relating to fraudulent use of the card or failure to comply with these terms.
Article 11. Change and annulment of conditions 
 "Majid Al Futtaim Hypermarkets Georgia" LLC reserves the right to modify or revoke these conditions in full or in part without prior notice to subscribers. 
 You can find the latest version of the conditions at any time at the website or in the "MyClub" mobile application.

Article 12. General provisions
These terms and conditions and all disputes or claims arising from or relating to the subject or formation of these conditions (including non-contractual disputes or claims) are regulated by and construed in accordance with the legislation of Georgia.

Article 13.  Coupon  

While using the Carrefour My Club loyalty program, the customer can earn as many points as the GEL indicated on the coupon when activating the coupon. 

When purchasing the products of each section the amount of GEL indicated on the coupon is different, according to which the points are generated. 

Article 14. Using

Customer is obliged to use "My Club" loyalty program only through the application issued by Carrefour Georgia and / or  the cards intended by Carrefour for "My Club". It is not allowed to use any other application for receiving  any offer / benefit provided by "My Club".

Article 15. 

Carrefour loyalty program – “My Club” cannot be used and the points cannot be earned when purchasing products in Carrefour stores through Carrefour e-commerce partners (Wolt, Glovo, Vendoo)