Corporate Card

Corporate Card

Terms and Conditions
Corporate Card is a joint project between Majid Al Futtaim Hypermarkets Georgia LLC and Bank of Georgia and it is designated to be used only at Carrefour stores.
The main purpose of Corporate Card is to make your corporate purchase easier, which is based on placing money to your Corporate Card account either by transferring money from another account or depositing cash on your legal entity account through pay boxes of Bank of Georgia, and possibility of unlimited purchases at Carrefour Tbilisi Mall, East Point Mall and Batumi branches (in the future it is planned to involve all other Carrefour branches in this project).

Requirements for registration of Corporate Cards:
1. ID Card/Passport copy of the physical person using Corporate Card.
2. The Organization (legal entity) shall issue original copy of Power of Attorney to the corporate card user – verified by signature of the director and stamped if application is not made by the director of the Organization (legal entity).
3. Corporate Card registration form must be filled in again in case of requesting every additional Corporate Card.

Terms for using of Corporate Cards:
1. Corporate Cards can be used by any legal entity.
2. Use of Corporate Cards only applies to purchase process at Carrefour.
3. It is impossible to get cash from your corporate card in any manner, accordingly it is impossible to get existing cash from your corporate account either through bank branches or bank ATM.

Corporate Card has promotional benefits (Bonus System) condition:
During 1 (one) year, after activation of Corporate Card, in case of purchasing 50 000 (Fifty Thousand) GEL – you will get basic cashback (investment) – 0.2 (zero point two) %, in case of purchasing between 50 000 - 150 000 GEL – 0.5 (zero point five) %, and in case of purchasing 150 000 (One Hundred Fifty Thousand) GEL or more, you will get cashback – 0.7 (zero point seven) %.

In case of loss of Corporate Card:
1. Authorized representative of the organization must immediately notify “Majid Al Futtaim Hypermarkets Georgia” LLC about the case.
2. Authorized representative of the organization shall apply to “Majid Al Futtaim Hypermarkets Georgia” LLC about issuing and delivering new Corporate Card instead of lost Corporate Card.
3. Expenses for issuing new Corporate Card will be fully paid/compensated by the organization/legal entity.

For more details please visit Customer Service departments of above mentioned stores.